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Instant Burger

The fastest fast food system! Use Direct Energy Transfer to cook dozens of goodies in 25 seconds!

Direct Energy Transfer

  • No cooking oils needed
  • Normally no hood or venting needed
  • No cooking skills needed--cooks automatically
  • Cooks out calorie-laden fat but retains the delicious natural juices

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Instant Burger

Suggested Menu Items

  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Chili burger
  • Slaw burger
  • Weight watcher type burger
  • Bar-b-q burger
  • Steak burger
  • Mushroom burger
  • Taco burger
  • Pizza burger
  • Kiddie burger
  • Junior burger
  • Double chubby cheeseburger
  • Sausage and biscuit
  • Chicken breast
  • Hot dog
  • Cheese dog
  • Chili dog
  • Slaw dog
  • Kraut dog


Model A 975 Specifications
Capacity 200 an hour
Electrical Requirement 115V, single phase, 21 amps (30 amp individual circuit required); must be grounded
Venting Requirement Normally not needed (state and local codes prevail)
Shipping Weight 35 lbs.
Height 7"
Depth 16.5"
Width 23"
Listings NSF National Sanitation Foundation
UL Underwriters Laboratories
CSA Canadian Standard Association