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Instant Burger

Sell more fast food and bank more profit from what you sell!

Before purchasing a grill or other conventional burger cooking equipment and installing expensive venting systems, you should consider these important points.

Easy as 1, 2, 3Q. How can you cook hamburgers without a grill?

The Instant Burger cooks with an exclusive "Direct Energy Transfer" process. This is the fastest burger cooking innovation since the hamburger was invented.

Q. But exactly what is "Direct Energy Transfer" and how does it work?

In simple terms, it means the energy is transferred directly through the meat. The cooking process takes place inside the meat instead of the heat penetrating from the outside as it does with conventional grills, griddles and ovens. The temperature throughout the meat reaches over 180. This way fat is cooked out and the natural juices stay in.

Q. Okay, that's different all right, but what are the advantages of this method?

Speed (faster than microwave or any other cooking system), a much better flavor and big energy savings. It cooks 2 burgers in 25 seconds or over 200 in an hour and does it automatically. You use only fresh ground meat retaining the natural juices while cooking out much of the unwanted grease. This results in a tasty, tender and juicy product. It uses no energy unless it is cooking. This results in dramatic energy savings over conventional grills, griddles and ovens where much of the heat is dissipated before penetrating the meat.

Q. Just how much energy can I save with Instant Burger?

Energy Cost Comparison graphAs an example, the cost required to cook 200 burgers a day for a year with the Instant Burger is $58.40. With a gas broiler, the cost would be $847.00, with a gas griddle $1,022.00 and with an electric griddle $2,336.00. This is a savings which will more than pay for the unit in a year. In addition, with the Instant Burger, you really don't have additional costs except for the meat, bun and condiments.

Q. Are there any installation costs?

No. It's portable and only takes up 23" x 16" of counter space on a 30 amp dedicated circuit.

Q. Do I need an expensive hood or venting system?

No. The cooking plates do not get over 200F. Therefore, no grease is burned and no cooking vapor or smoke is emitted into the air. However, local codes prevail.

Q. How do you portion the products to be cooked on the Instant Burger?

With the Instant Burger, all you need is an ice cream scoop to form uniform balls of fresh meat. These can be made ahead of time if stored in a tightly covered container to retain moisture.

Q. I always thought pre-formed patties were more economical to use.

Not at all. When meat is pre-formed by a press, the texture of the meat is changed. Freezing takes the moisture out of the meat, making it less juicy when cooked. This results in a tough, chewy product. With the Instant Burger, simply place the fresh meatballs on the unit and close the lid. This activates the fast cooking process and the patties are automatically formed. The result is a fresh, tender, tasty and juicy burger (not a tough and greasy product).

Q. Do I need an employee with cooking skills to operate the Instant Burger?

No. That's the beauty of it! It's all done automatically. The Instant Burger cannot burn the meat and does not have to be watched. This eliminates human error and ensures a consistent product every time while freeing an employee to do other things during the cooking process.

Q. What makes the product produced in the Instant Burger so different from that using conventional methods?

Because it uses fresh meat and does not use grease to fry food, the Instant Burger produces "healthy food" since it cooks out calorie laden fat but retains the delicious natural juices.

Chicken BreastsQ. Are there any entrees besides sandwiches that I can serve with the Instant Burger?

How about chicken filet, Cajun-flavored chicken filet, hamburger steak, fresh ground pork steaks and turkey patties. It's a great way to enhance your menu with healthy, delicious entrees and do it without a grill!