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Mobile Unit If you would like to sell espresso drinks to customers beyond the reach of electrical power, consider the North Star Mobile Unit. You will be able to serve at sporting events, races, concerts, beaches and parking lots.

A compact mobile espresso unit for use in the rear of a minivan is powered by propane gas. No electricity is required, nor is a generator (eliminating noise and fumes). The unit is mounted on a roll out base with extending track that also holds supply tanks. The package include a two group lever operated propane powered espresso machine and a grinder. The self-contained pressurized water system includes a hand sink and a propane water heater.

Special Features:
Self-contained CO2 pressurized water system includes:

  • Stainless steel hand sink with cold and hot water faucets
  • 5.0 gallon NSF stainless steel fresh water tank and pressure gauge
  • 10.0 gallon poly waste water holding tank with wheels
  • 6 gallon propane gas powered water heater, adjustable from 110 to 170 F
  • 5 gallon propane tank with hose and regulator
  • Battery and inverter
  • Rancilio two-group lever operated espresso machine
  • Rancilio MD40 doser/grinder

Width 45"
Depth 32"
Height 19"
Voltage 12/110
Amps 45
Max Load 610 Watts
Outlets (2) 110 V
Propane Power 19.755
Weight 350 lbs.


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