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Hot-Air Fryer by Trak-Air

French Fries -- Pizza -- Nuggets -- Hot Sandwiches -- Pretzels -- Cheese Sticks -- Wings -- Chicken -- More -- More -- More

Hot-Air Fryer

  • Digital control panel
  • Manual and automatic controls
  • Lighted power switch
  • Stackable
  • Automatic cooling fan
  • Air cooled door and sides
  • Removable door
  • Reconstitutes food
  • Cool-down switch
  • Sealed cooking cavity
  • Removable cleaning trays
  • Stationary cylinder
  • Self-latching door
  • Top-mounted holding rack
  • Hot-mitt with Kevlarš Palm
  • 110V - 20 amps
  • Complete cleaning system

A Revolutionary New Way to Cook!

PizzaIt's the Trak-Air™ system (Patent Pending) that uses circulating super-heated forced air around the food in a specially designed sealed chamber. With the custom designed perforated cylinder, hot air cooks food evenly and continuously.

The combination of elevated temperature, sealed cooking chamber and increased fan speed enables you to brown, crisp, fry, bake or broil food products . . . quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

A great way of preparing foods that requires no flame, no oil, no grease and very little energy. Operates on a standard 110V, 20 amp circuit--no special wiring, plumbing or venting required.*

The Taste is Our Testimonial!

The Trak-Air™ cooking system is where the market is ! No more oil and grease, and a cooking concept approved by nutritionists as a healthier way of eating because of reduced cholesterol and calories.

Hot-Air FryerThe Trak-Air™ cooking system has virtually no entry costs! No hoods and vents are required,* no costly 220 wiring connections, and the unit takes up only 21 inches of counter space.

The Trak-Air™ oven uses an innovative digital control system that is reliable and easy to use. Stations can be pre-programmed, whereby the operator simply pushes a button or uses the manual quick-set feature.

The Trak-Air™ cooking system pays off day and night! You can offer your customers breakfast items, like waffles, omelettes, hashbrowns or breakfast sandwiches. Serve lunch and dinner items like french fries, hog dogs or chicken fillets and popular "after dark" snacks such as egg rolls, cheese sticks, chicken wings, nuggets and pizza.